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2022-06-15 14:12:53 By : Ms. suzie sales

See Weather ForecastThe United States government donated a portable care center to the Itauguá National Hospital (HNI).Its installation is in its final phase, after 12 hours of starting, and could be operating this noon, according to its director, Dr. Yolanda González.She commented that the portable hospital will have 40 new places for patients of all kinds, in addition to differentiated modules and equipped with materials -as she indicated- of optimal quality, such as independent oxygen and air conditioning systems.“It is for 40 patients.Now they are already installing an air conditioner and finishing the details.By this afternoon, if we want to make it work, it will be done, ”she said.Read more: The end of the third wave of COVID?The curve is downIn this sense, González celebrated the installation of the portable hospital, since she-she indicated she-she will be able to expand the care capacity of the HNI."It is unique.It is going to be an extraordinary benefit to patients,” she added.The director of the National Hospital, on the other hand, indicated that they are observing in this center an “abrupt” reduction in consultations and hospitalizations for COVID-19 cases, compared to the first weeks of January.Read more: COVID in decline: consultations for respiratory conditions decreased by 75% in Barrio ObreroHowever, she urged citizens to continue with health care and, mainly, to get vaccinated against the disease.“This gives us hope (reduced numbers).This is the fruit of vaccination,” she expressed.According to data from the Ministry of Health, as of February 3, the curve of cases - which shot up after the circulation of the omicron variant - began to gradually decline.An ABC TV team revealed that consultations for respiratory conditions in the Barrio Obrero Hospital were reduced by 75% during this February.© Copyright 2020 Editorial AZETA SA - All rights reservedYegros 745, Asuncion - Paraguay - Tel: 41-51-000